Not even time to confiscate the Xtream Codes platform that allowed people in Malta and Europe to enjoy paid content at a practically negligible price, which users were able to put their hands on thanks to a simple code.

The truce lasted very little and as if by magic, or perhaps not exactly, the pirated TVs have again allowed to watch every type of channel from Sky to Netflix via Mediaset Premium and DAZN.

IPTV: everything as before in just a few hours

We had seen how the Police had blocked the Xtream Codes platform a few days ago through the “Eclipse” operation, which allowed the most important international network for the pirate distribution of paid television platforms to work through the so-called “pezzotto”.

This is nothing more than the illegal platform that allows anyone (once a lump sum is paid to those who provide it) to enjoy all the content offered for a fee – at a price significantly lower than the official prices. To make it work you must only have a decoder that, connected to the telephone network or to the internet, allows you to decode the signal coming from the web and to guarantee in clear all the contents like those of Sky, DAZN, Netflix but also others.

The investigation led to the  deactivation of the international Xtream Codes platform , designed by 2 Greek citizens and also used in Italy. A commercial network with bases in Lombardy, Veneto, Campania, Puglia, Calabria and Sicily. Thanks to Xtream Codes technology, once the signal was received, the person in charge did nothing more than buy the packages and then sell them illegally to the end customer who was clearly attracted by low costs (only € 12) .

All blocked by the authorities with a great shout out against digital piracy and beyond. It is a pity that after a few hours the system started working again with users who were able to see the Sunday evening matches or even the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix on Sunday afternoon in peace. This for many users around Italy and beyond.

How did the system recover? It was simply enough for the “pezzotto” providers to send a code via WhatsApp to users in order to reactivate the system. Alternatively, many have been advised of an update of their TV Box connected to the network that once restarted allowed to see all the channels “paid” to those responsible. The threats of the Prosecutors and Authorities against the users about the possibility of incurring in severe fines or even in criminal procedures do not seem to have served any purpose.

IPTV: what risks the user who uses it

Actually to risk in this situation is not only who “sells” the platform but also who uses it. Specifically to those who transmit IPTV and access codes, in addition to the  infringement of copyright, the crime of computer fraud is also disputed, whoever buys IPTV files and is caught using the service risks a penal sanction in addition to the compensation to be paid to the violated pay-tv.

This means that not only those who sell or transmit the service are sanctioned but also  those who subscribe to an IPTV as it is also guilty of a crime . The violation of copyright, a crime also claimed by the end user, is punished with one pecuniary sanction ranging from 2,582 Euros to 25,822 Euros, plus imprisonment for a minimum of 6 months to 3 years.

In this case the platform managers have done nothing but change the server company seized in five European countries, so that everything returns as before. A simple message via WhatsApp allowed the sending of the url for instructions on how to update the system and everything started as if nothing had ever happened.