Not even a week ago, the excellent operation of the Guardia di Finanza, “Eclissi”, was celebrated, which allowed to obscure the Xtream Codes platform in Malta and in other European countries. 

It was a blow dealt to pirate TVs, which allow the viewing of pay content in streaming, at competitive prices, just 12 Euros. However, already on Sunday 22 September, according to the newspaper Il Mattino, many users subscribed to these illegal IPTVs, thanks to the now famous ‘pezzotto’, were able to access the encrypted content: from the soccer championship to F1 on Sky, from the contents of Netflix to those of Infinity, everything is visible again. Or rather, that multitude of channels have never left.

Trying to shed light, the Xtream Codes platform should not be considered as the bad of the situation. In fact, it is a legal instrument that has the best quality/price ratio on the market: the same owners and developers of the software, knowing that it would also attract criminal organisations, have chosen to manage the platform through a single centralised server. If they had really played a decisive role in the sale of these subscriptions, they could have opted for separate and delocalised servers to protect Xtream Codes and thus made an important contribution to the police the anonymity of users and service providers. Thanks to this way of working, transparent and with nothing to hide,: on the centralised server, in fact, there are the channel lists of over 5000 suppliers, combinations of user name and password, IP of users and sellers. Ultimately, the operation on Wednesday 18 September is just the starting point for the fight against online piracy.

But why then in the weekend was it possible for some to still see paid channels? Because the servers, on which the suppliers of illegal IPTVs rely, have remained active, but soon as they verify if the Xtream Codes license has been renewed, they will stop working.

To the subscribers, for the moment, through the most popular messaging apps, such as WhatsApp and Telegram, a code and new instructions have been sent to allow the ‘pezzotto’ to manage the flow of incoming images again. To make everything simpler, the “Itruststreaming” manager, an illegal IPTV that spreads over 5000 channels, through a video uploaded on YouTube (of which we clearly do not propose the link being), addressed the customers directly explaining how to solve the situation, entering new links and a new access code in the description.

However, these are temporary solutions, to satisfy our customers and not to risk having to face the numerous complaints that a situation like this could entail. On Reddit, the discussion on ‘pezzotto’ and obscuration of Xtream Codes is on the agenda: many users, in fact, are convinced that 90 percent of Iptv providers, present on the platform, will be closed in the coming months.