Organic, natural products without GMOs, pesticides or pollutants. Analysed in the laboratory. The presentation of cannabidiol- based products by the various online retailers is so well seasoned – mediatically speaking – to leave you speechless or to raise an eyebrow. 

It seems too good to be true: a natural, safe, relaxing, anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, soothing product, good for insomnia, depression and even against multiple sclerosis.

blur-bud-cannabisAll in one substance, cannabidiol, an ingredient extracted from cannabis (among the hundreds of active compounds derivable from the substance) and that can be taken in virtually any form, in variable percentages: it can be vaped, ingested as drops or capsules, drained in beers and cocktails, spread in creams, because the fashion of CBD also conquered the cosmetics sector, making proselytes. And it went even further, expanding to the vet.

Yet in recent days Dustin Lee, a psychiatric and behavioral science scholar at Johns Hopkins University on the New York Times pages, spoke of it as a sort of new snake oil. So much noise, so many properties attributed, few (yet) scientific evidences. Like other experts when it comes to cannabidiol, Lee refers to the fact that, at the moment, we move more on the level of potential than certain, documentable and coherent effects. In essence, according to various experts, there are still studies on the subject.