Something seems to be brewing! Have you heard? It looks like due to the too many exceptions to the protocol, Meghan Markle no longer enjoys the sympathies of Queen Elizabeth. Is history repeating itself?!

Voci e stranezze su Meghan, la Regina prepara un piano... di divorzio?

Rumours have it that maybe there’s even a divorce plan ready at court! According to the magazine Globe, an email from a member of the royal family reveals Queen Elizabeth’s intentions after the continuous behavior over the lines of the American actress. In the meantime, Meghan seems to be enjoying the perks…

A questionable designer wardrobe, a series of palace getaways from staff members, concessions – by way of derogation from the protocol – made to Harry’s wife. There are so many quirks of the Duchess of Sussex that the palace is struggling to digest. This includes the decision of Meghan to renounce the royal nanny, to entrust the unborn child to grandmother Doria Ragland. Not sure why this is so bad! Mur ifhimhom!

According to the email published by Globe, her majesty would have provided a divorce plan to remove the actress, who in the text is called a “cancer from which you must eradicate as painlessly as possible” and an “avid golden hunter”. Meghan would have $37 million, but in return she should leave the building BUT leave the royal baby in London. Which mother in her right senses would do that!?

I guess we’ll all have to wait and see!