The weather outside is nothing like a summer would look like… it’s grey and cloudy and quite worrying to those who hate it when it rains…

It makes you think that the weather is getting ready for a drastic change… maybe not in temperature but surely in consistency.

According to the Meteorological Office, although the temperature will remain warm (and humid!) as expected at this time of the year… the first five days of September are expected to bring in rain and thunderstorms.

Parts of Malta have experienced some rain in the past few days, but the new rainfall season – the yearly rain is measured starting from 1 September – is set to start with a bang if the forecast comes to be.

Isolated showers are expected today, while there is a possibility of a thunder storm on Monday. There should be rain showers on Tuesday and another thunderstorm on Wednesday, with isolated showers slated for Thursday.

What weather do you fancy most?