It is important to understand that when it comes to potty training your little bundle of joy, there is no right or wrong way. In fact what seemed to worked for other parents and their kids, may not be practical for you. It is all about patience, patience and more of patience, when it comes to training your tot for number two.

Remember that every child is different, hence, the tricks that worked its magic on the your firstborn, may not come handy the second time around.

So, how exactly would do you know if your little one is ready for potty training? Look for the below mentioned signs:

1. If your child is able to walk on its own and is ready to sit down

2. If your child expresses his/her dislike about wearing a soiled diaper. It can either be through a change in expressions or through words.

3. If your child is able to take off clothes on his/her own. 

4.Your child has become vocal about the needs to pee and poop.

5.Your little one’s bowel movements are getting regular and no longer come as surprise.

6.Your kid has begin following you to the washroom.

7.The frequency of diaper change is decreased.

The bottom line

Parents, it is important to remember that toilet training can vary developmentally. Hence, it is important that you do not compare your child to others.