Stephanie Todd, British student, has spread to network several photos of her health after she contracted the Lyme disease (borreliosis), disease of bacterial origin, following the bite of a tick.

As reported by the BristolLive newspaper, the young 22-year-old from Thornbury  had gone to her doctor four years ago because of what she thought was a simple and common flu. The symptoms soon disappeared after the visit and the girl continued to study to get a diploma in textile design at the university. Little by little, however, various types of illness returned: migraine, chronic fatigue and severe nausea. Stephanie also began to suffer from severe convulsions. Eventually, the doctors realised that she had an advanced neurological Lyme disease (neuroborreliosis).

The student is now concentrating all her energy on raising funds for treating the disease in a specialised clinic in Washington DC.

“I was an average teenager who loved to go out and walk. I developed the flu and a rash on my chest that was dismissed by my doctor,” she said in an interview granted to BristolLive. “I ignored the symptoms. I didn’t know this was the classic beginning of Lyme disease. If I had the right treatment at that stage I wouldn’t be as sick as I am today,” she continued.

The girl was told she had contracted Lyme disease only four years after the tick bite. The bacterial infection, which spread slowly, upset his life tragically. Now Stephanie is undergoing treatment, hoping to defeat the disease and return to a normal life.