Eyes on the ground and one mission: Gotta catch’em all . The new passion in Pokémon, the little monsters protagonists of an empire of video games, cartoons and playing cards, are the themed manhole covers. They are called Pokéfuta and are spreading throughout Japan.

Colourful, fun and artistic, the Pokémon manholes are marked on a special map that precisely indicates the coordinates of the places where they were installed. Just click on the different regions of Japan to find out where they have already arrived and where they will arrive.

At the moment, the Pokémon prefectures are Kagoshima, Kagawa, Kanagawa, Hokkaido, Iwate and Miyagi. The manholes have been located in order to guide their hunters even outside the classic tourist circuits and large cities, to make new areas known.

Next to the official map, help to locate the manholes, which we could define as the analogue heirs of Pokémon Go , also comes from Instagram: the advice is to follow the hashtag # ポ ケ ふ た to see the photos of the Pokéfuta live.

A curiosity, explains Mashable, comes from the prefecture of Kagawa, which has created sixteen manholes featuring Slowpoke, the first generation Pokémon known for its laziness. Just Slowpoke for a time had been chosen by the prefecture as its symbolic governor .