Ningen, a pop-up restaurant in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo, has attracted a lot of attention from the media because it offers customers the ability to order the last meals required by infamous inmates before their execution.

The controversial restaurant was opened by a Japanese art collector called Chim-Pom and for two weeks it served the last meals of infamous American criminals such as the thief and double murderer Gary Mark Gilmore, Judy Buonoano, the “Black Widow” of Florida, or the killer clown John Wayne Gacy.

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Among the many items on the menu were steak, potatoes, milk, coffee and whiskey glass requested by Gary Mark Gilmore, the two cheeseburgers with fries and salad ordered by Joseph Paul Jernigan, or the fresh vegetables and strawberries served to the killer Judy Buonoano before her execution. The Ningen restaurant remained open for two weeks until October 28th.