Judge since the first edition of MasterChef Italia, Joe Bastianich leaves the program. And he will not be replaced…

masterchef italiaThe task of finding new talents in the kitchen is left to his three colleagues Bruno Barbieri, Antonino Cannavacciuolo and Giorgio Locatelli (a new entry already loved by the public).

masterchef italia remaining judgesThus, after 8 editions, one of the pillars of the format takes a break. The reason? He wants to dedicate himself to another great passion: that for music. Joe Bastianich, in fact, debuts with an album that will be released soon and will star in a tour around Italy.

For his fans it is not such surprising news. Joe, in fact, has never hidden his love for the seven notes, especially for the blues, so much so that he has already played live several times, casually playing a guitar. Moreover, this year we have also seen him among the members of the Jury of Honor of the Sanremo Festival.

joe bastianichFor the entrepreneur, who became famous thanks to memorable ipse dixit aimed at the competitors of MasterChef – the most famous quote “Vuoi che muoro” is by now a real way of saying – but it is not a definitive farewell.

“Not a definite goodbye but a see you again later to the great family of MasterChef Italia who gave me so much,” he declared. “I’m ready for new adventures, and I’m ready to dedicate myself to my other great passion, which is music. I will be engaged in an Italian tour with the release of my first album, of which you will soon have info and dates” .

We just have to wait.

Credits Image Joe Bastianich: Angelo Trani