Our fabulous Eliana Gomez Blanco gave a tremendous show this afternoon. Amazing performance, a beautiful song and a talent beyond imagination… yet Viki Gabor wins Junior Eurovision 2019! Needless say the disappointment we feel tonight… the votes we received definitely do not reflect the performance given by Eliana… so we wonder – what on Earth happened?

Let’s start with refreshing your memory with the performance… if you did not manage to see it, here it goes…

Anyhow, after an energy-filled live show with 19 outstanding performances on the Arena Gliwice stage, Viki Gabor from Poland was announced the winner of the 17th Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

After a spectacular show that saw a very tight race to the finish, Poland’s very own Viki Gabor was declared the winner of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019 with her song Superhero. Viki received 278 points from the national juries and online vote. Kazakhstan’s Yerzhan Maxim came in second with 227 votes and Melani Garcia from Spain was third with 212 points. There were a total of 3.77 million valid votes cast!

Information aside, what happened tonight made us wonder… it surely had nothing to do with the flawless performance! Usually the Junior Eurovision song contest is not this biased and come on, the song was a real good one. So, could it be that the tense situation our country is going through at this moment in time made a difference?