Justin Bieber is struggling with depression. To say it is the weekly “People”, according to which the popstar is being treated by therapists but also has the support of a pastor and of course his wife Hailey Baldwin, married last fall. Also according to the magazine, Bieber is reckoning with some demons of the past in addition to the lack of privacy related to his celebrity status, from a young age.

Justin Bieber struggling with the shadow of depression: "I became famous too soon"

In an interview with his wife on the March issue of  “Vogue”  (where they stand hugging on the cover), Bieber said that his being so famous at such a young age caused him mental problems.

The star also talked about drugs, promiscuous sex, the millions of dollars earned at just twenty but also about feeling depressed and only while on tour (“In 2017, during the Purpose Tour, I was really depressed: I have spoken little and I am still elaborating many things that I have kept silent “).