Kate Middleton reveals for the first time the whole truth about the fourth child. For months now there have been rumours about the arrival of a fourth Royal Baby for the Dukes of Cambridge.

Kate has never hidden her passion for children and in official visits never misses an opportunity to give a caress or a smile to some small fan. The last meeting, however, was decisive, because it allowed the royal watchers to discover something more about the highly anticipated fourth son of William and Kate.

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Image: Hello Magazine

Apparently it is not just gossip, and the duchess would be ready to have another child. The only obstacle is the husband, who probably wants to stop – at least for now – at three. On the other hand, Louis has not yet turned one year, while the education of George, 5 years, and Charlotte, 3, is becoming more and more demanding.

Despite this, the 37-year-old would be doing everything to convince Diana’s second son to have another child, following in the footsteps of Queen Elizabeth, who gave birth to four children. It was Kate who unveiled it during an official visit to Northern Ireland. The duchess, engaged in a mini-tour with her husband, stopped to play and chat with a 5-month-old boy and his dad.

“Oh, how cute, it makes me want to have a baby!” Kate exclaimed, looking at little James. Her enthusiasm has not escaped those present who immediately asked her: “Is there a baby number four?”. Faced with these words, Kate laughed: “I think William would be very worried,” she said.

The reason is soon clear: not only did George and Charlotte prove they had two good features and Louis is still very small, but the three gestations were quite difficult for Kate. Unlike Meghan, who seems in perfect shape despite her being a “geriatric pregnancy”, the duchess has had to deal with terrible morning sickness.

So there is time for the fourth child. Soon the Windsor family will welcome the newcomer. The son of Meghan and Harry should be born in April: “A little cousin for George, Charlotte and Louis, will be really special” said Kate, enthusiastic.