Kate Middleton demonstrates once again that she knows perfectly what matters in real life: very far from the idea of a capricious princess.

The Duchess of Cambridge came up an original and sweet way to celebrate William’s 37th birthday with his three children. According to sources close to the royal family, the gift that Kate and her children have made for the future King of England does not cost much, but has enormous value.

It is, in fact, a great album that collects photographs and drawings that testify and recount the official and family events in which William, his wife and children took part over the last year.

kate william childrenIf Kate had the responsibility to choose and print the shots, the children were asked to make drawings and messages for the father. Everything was organised in chronological order, to tell the private story of William’s family, and that the newspapers know very little and what in reality really counts for the happiness of a man.

These days, some rumours have annoyed Kate about an alleged liaison of her husband with Rose Hanbury, a young wife of a nobleman who owns an estate very close to the one where William and his wife live. The voices would have been born when Rose arrived, at an event, without her wedding ring.

Probably, the beautiful gesture of Kate who, as the British press points out, required a long commitment and a great organisational effort, is the proof that reminds William and not only, the beauty and importance of family life.

According to rumours, Kate would have been able to hide the gift until the last moment, asking her brother to keep the album at home, during the entire realisation of the gift, so that William would not discover it ruining the surprise.

It is an extremely symbolic gesture, which comes at a delicate moment for the Royal Family: just the day before William ‘s birthday (last June 21st), Harry and Meghan publicly announced that they were leaving the charitable foundation of the Dukes of Cambridge. Kate seems to have succeeded in bringing back to the fore the serenity and unity of the family of the second heir to the throne of England, one of the main tasks of the future princess consort.