“There is always a great woman behind a great man,” they say. And never was a sentence more true in the case of Prince William. The son of Charles and Diana will one day be king, it’s true. And it’s about his blue blood. But if he gets on the throne so much loved by his subjects, he must thank her. The woman who has been with him for almost twenty years.

Kate Middleton, the ideal wife. Elegant, intelligent, devoted to the family but, at the same time, perfect in interpreting the role of the future queen. And again: committed to charity and sporting. At ease at dinner with Donald Trump like shearing sheep. And above all, able to stay away from scandals. This is a gift that is good for the Windsor family.

Who knows if, on June 21st, the day of his 37th birthday, William will realise how lucky he was. Of the fate that smiled at him, presenting him, at the university, this beautiful dark-haired girl with a slim body and a sharp mind. As we know, the years are often taken into account in one’s life. And that of Prince William cannot but take into account the effects of his wife’s presence. The mother of his three children.

Kate Middleton and William while still attending St Andrews University. They met in 2001. Instagram photos

William and Kate: a question of balance

William and Kate have known each other for almost twenty years. Eighteen to be precise. In other words, since the two met at the University of St. Andrew. First friendship, then cohabitation, and finally love. In 2007, the first major crisis. William leaves Kate for a few months. But she does not feel defeated and shows herself in London clubs, always with a smile. As if the situation did not effect her too much.

A strategy that works. He thinks he manages the game but he doesn’t. She’s the one in charge. The rest is history… William thinks about it and gets closer. Kate understands that the secret to keeping William close is to make oneself wanted and not to beg for love. The balance works: the two get back together and get married in 2011. A fairytale wedding, and their story even more. A commoner, with miners among the ancestors, makes the most coveted royal bachelor capitulate in the world. With all due respect to all the others.

Kate Middleton always knows how to stand back to her husband. Even if, in reality, from behind the scenes it is she who holds the ranks Photo LaPresse

Kate, one step back (to stay in front)

Since then the story between William and Kate has always been based on this balance. With her a step back behind him but, in reality, at the command. A question of wittiness, which in the end pays off. As demonstrated by the solidity of their relationship. And the success of their couple image.

The complicity between the two is evident. Especially in public. Whether it is spontaneous or partly built, no one knows. Of course we know that William and Kate are a team. He knows her strengths. She knows his weakness. Together, they are indestructible. They wash their dirty clothes in the house and show themselves as a happy couple outside. Although, most likely, they really are happy. Despite the gossip…

Kate Middleton is not an instinctive person. She does not act on gut feelings, but she uses her head (unlike Meghan Markle, a little more rebellious to the rules of the palace). Kate thinks, reflects, evaluates all the consequences. She does nothing by accident. A dowry not just for those who must one day sit on the throne. The Duchess of Cambridge is predictable, of course, but this plays in her favour. And also in favour of William. What future king would not like to have next to him, as a wife, a woman who will never make a mistake?

“Behind a great man there is a great woman,” they say. Nothing could be more true, especially if you think of Prince William and Kate Middleton Instagram photos

William must thank Kate for what she is

William understood that Kate would be a good mother. And she is. A mother which would always be elegant and refined. And she is. That she wouldn’t be rebellious. And she is not. A great woman, in short words.

He occasionally lowers his head publicly – adapting himself to the rigid rules of the palace – to raise it even higher in private. Not only. William, probably, having grown up in the palace would gladly exchange for a more normal life. In which to drive, for example, ambulances for work and spend time playing with his children. The wife, on the other hand, has always had a normal life. However, she never showed that she regretted the role she chose. Rather, to be honest, she often seems to want the throne more than he does!  But that’s okay. The balance of torque – and the crown – is also played on compensation. And when he shows little interest in the throne, she is there to remind him of the importance of doing his duty.

In the beginning of their relationship, in short, it was William who protected Kate and Kate was the one who felt lucky. Today it is the opposite. If he is what he is, he owes it to her.  In the past he taught her a lot. She, for her part, has learned so much. But today the student has surpassed the master. I wonder if William – indeed, Mr. Middleton – will think about it as he blows on the 37 candles.