It was the best selling single of 2014, it generated a revenue of 40 million dollars, but it was plagiarised. So the maxi-fine arrived for Katy Perry and her entourage.

They will have to dish out 2.8 million dollars to rapper Marcus Gray for plagiarising the song “Dark Horse”. A court in Los Angeles has indeed acknowledged that the song is similar to “Joyful Noise” written in 2009.

The song was one of the singer’s greatest hits, for four weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

For plagiarism, Gray’s lawyers had asked for $ 20 million in compensation. In reality, of the nearly three million Katy will pay out of her own pocket is very little, only 500 thousand dollars. The bulk will be borne by the record company Capitol Records, the rest will be paid by the authors. However, Perry’s lawyers have announced that they will appeal.