A clean and tidy house, let’s be honest, pleases everyone. Even to people who do not realise, or do not believe in taking note, to live in chaos, and maybe in the dirt. A clean house, of course: but without being obsessed with hygiene, and above all without wasting too much money with chemicals.


There are ten simple rules that we can apply in the daily life of our homes: 

  • Never leave dirty dishes at the table. It is good to put them immediately, after lunch and after dinner, in the sink or in the dishwasher. At the table they produce bad smells, make mess, and become more difficult to wash.

  • Do not accumulate back correspondence. The mail must be opened when it arrives, also to avoid unpleasant surprises. And it is very useful to have a small home archive with folders where to put, for example, bills. When they are needed, it will be easy to find them.
  • Dirty clothes go into laundry baskets. And not accumulated on the beds, on the armchairs, on the sofas. They create chaos, and give the idea of ​​a messy and dirty house.
  • The things we use, once used, must be put back in their drawers. Do not leave them around the place.
  • For children’s toys it is preferable to have a single container in their rooms where to place them. And get them out only when needed.

  • Do not leave old newspapers and magazines around the house. The paper can be recycled in a thousand ways, even for example to clean shoes: instead, scattered around the house, it generates bad smells and mess.
  • Even the towels must always be returned to their place, after use. Leaving them around is not hygienic.
  • Make beds: always, even when there is nobody at home to help you. And air the bedrooms.

  • Recycle everything you do not need: from objects to food.
  • Give away the things you definitely do not use anymore. It is useless to store objects, even electrical and electronic devices, that we do not think to use. Better put them in one bag and then give them away: you will make a person happy who does not have the means to buy them.