Exactly one year after Let me Frank , the post he reappeared after the sexual harassment allegations, Kevin Spacey returns on Christmas Eve with a new Underwood- style video , the character he played in the first five seasons of the Netflix House of Cards . “You didn’t think I’d miss the chance to wish you a merry Christmas, did you?” says the actor, 60, near a fireplace, introducing the one-minute video published on social media and on the YouTube channel entitled Ktwk.

Spacey speaks of “a rather good year” and declares himself grateful to have recovered his health. And for this reason, he continues, “I have made some changes in my life and I would like to invite you to follow me. By entering 2020 I want to vote for greater goodness in this world” says the actor. “I know what you’re thinking: will he say it seriously? I’m damned serious. And it’s not difficult, believe me,” he adds, before sending the decisive message:

“The next time someone does something to you that doesn’t suit you, you can attack it. But you can also treat you and do something unexpected: kill him with kindness “he concludes, then the camera moves to the fire that burns in the fireplace and the video ends with a threatening yellow film music.

Kevin Spacey’s career ended two years ago when he ended up at the centre of the gay side of the Hollywood sexual harassment scandal. The actor, who turned 60 in July and reappeared in public for the first time last August in Rome, was accused by a waiter from a restaurant in Nantucket but the trial was cancelled last summer when prosecutors of Massachusetts dropped allegations of sexual harassment and assault. The trial set for June 2020 was later cancelled because the masseur who accused him of sexually assaulting him during an October 2016 session in Malibu died.