We all know this – most kids (and their parents alike) just hate homework! After a day at school most kids just want to enjoy themselves and have some fun. Some parents decide to make their kids do their homework by promising all sorts of things, other just let them go to school without their homework and let them face the music back at school…

Brandon Reynolds, 36, from Albuquerque (New Mexico), however took it a step too far… in fact, he was arrested on charges of killing five-year-old daughter Sarah. The man would have beaten her at home with a shoe and only hours later he would have called for help. Police found blood on the walls and on a carpet in the house.

girl killed for not doing her hwA 36-year-old man from New Mexico was arrested for allegedly beating his 5-year-old daughter Sarah DuBois-Gilbeau to death after she told him she didn’t want to do her homework.

Brandon Reynolds, was accused of child abuse, intentionally provoked, with the consequence of the death of a child under the age of 13. The father would admit he started spanking the child because she refused to do homework around 8pm Thursday night and did not call 911 until night, when he said his daughter had heart problems. “Rescuers realised they were in front of a crime and called us,” a spokesman for the Albuquerque Police Department said in a press conference Friday. Rescuers attempted to revive the child as they took her to the hospital, where she is been declared dead. “The detectives learned from the hospital staff that the girl suffered serious injuries.”

In the victim’s house the police found blood on the living room walls and on a carpet. According to the findings, the child was repeatedly hit with a shoe. She was bruised when the rescuers arrived at her home.

“This is definitely a heartbreaking tragedy and our investigators are working diligently right now to get justice for this child,” said the police chief pointing out that there was no one at home when Reynolds hit his daughter. The man – who according to local media had obtained exclusive custody of his daughter after a controversial dispute with his mother – is currently detained in prison. “He was a little angel,” so a neighbour talked about little Sarah.