A dad was eaten alive by deadly pests during a day at the beach in  Florida and died 48 hours later. Dave Bennett, from Memphis in the United States, began to show the symptoms of the bite of carnivorous bacteria that turned into sepsis and led to his death within hours.

A tragic story reported in the US by the  New York Post. Dave Bennett was visiting his daughter Cheryl the beach at Destin, Florida, and entered the water. But 12 hours after being on the shoreline, Dave, stricken with cancer in the past, woke up at home with fever, chills and some cramps. His health began to deteriorate rapidly and he was taken to the hospital where they discovered a “terribly swollen black spot on his back”.

He was declared dead within a few hours and later laboratory findings confirmed he had necrotizing fasciitis – also known as carnivorous bacteria. Her daughter Cheryl, destroyed by grief, says she doesn’t even want to think about the heartbreaking 48 hours that changed her life forever and swore: “I don’t want this to happen to anyone else” by writing on Facebook. “There is not enough education on bacteria in the water. There must be signs on every beach, in every city and state park to indicate that due to bacteria in the water, people with open wounds or compromised immune systems should not enter” .

Weeks before her father’s tragic death, Cheryl had seen the story of Kylei Parker. The twelve-year-old was left fighting for her life and almost lost her leg when her skin turned black and started to rot away from the infection.

“We arrived at the Memphis hospital around 8pm – the daughter says – the doctors saw this terribly swollen black spot on the back that wasn’t there before. My mother sent me a picture and it seemed to me as if someone had punched him. I called and asked if it was actually black (because sometimes the colour is off in a photo) and she said it was black.”

Shocked nurses said they had “never seen anything like it”. Early in the morning it had turned into an infection and Dave was transferred to the intensive care unit. After a few hours he died.