Oh we just love such stories! This one’s from skynews, who reported about When a woman accused of shoplifting from a food store in New York was approached by three police officers, and instead of being arrested – they paid for her food!!!

The touching moment happened at a Whole Foods supermarket in Union Square, Manhattan, on 4 July and was captured by another customer, who shared a photo on Twitter.

Image: @pboz

Paul Bozymowski, a film and television director, tweeted: “This woman was being held by security. She had food in her bag she didn’t pay for. When the NYPD showed up, they paid for her food. Happy 4th!”

The tweet was shared by NYPD chief of department Terence Monahan, who said the three men involved were members of its strategic response group.

He wrote: “Cops like Lt Sojo and Officers Cuevas and Rivera of the Strategic Response Group are the kind-hearted cops who quietly do good deeds for New Yorkers in need. My thanks to @pboz for highlighting the often unnoticed.”

The generous act to aid the hungry woman has been widely praised, with social media users describing it as a “heartwarming story”.

Jubilee Sharpe replied to the tweet: “Waking up on so many days and seeing negativity involving police officers and civilians, stuff like this is always so refreshing! Thank you officers!”

Another said: “I can’t begin to tell you how much this story touches my heart. There are so many negative news stories about officers that folks have forgotten how many good ones there are out there too. When I was growing up, the police were our heroes. It’s nice to see this still exists.”

But another added: “Such a beautiful act of compassion but it angers me too.

“Our neighbours should not be in a position to have to take food. Our law enforcement who don’t get enough pay for what they do, shouldn’t have to chip in, yet they do.”

Mr Bozymowski told NBC News that he hoped sharing the photo would inspire others.

He said: “It was very moving to see such a genuine act of kindness. My hope is that the moment inspires others to be generous and kind as well.”