An accident, that of Lady Diana, who still today does not let the investigators sleep – mysterious and brutal. But a testimony has left the world speechless…

It was August 31st 1997, the Princess was 36 and was in Paris with her current partner Dodi Al Fayed. One normal evening where the two have dinner, then she calls her two children, and leaves.

We all know how the evening went, also thanks to the reconstructions of the investigators and the video footage of the cameras. A change of driver, the exit from the back to avoid the paparazzi and then the crash inside the tunnel. But what we don’t know is all that happened from the moment of the crash onward, with a testimony that shocked the British.

The terrible testimony of Sami Nair

That evening Sami Nair was the highest head of the Ministry of the Interior and that night he received a strange phone call, telling of an incident where two very important people had been involved.

His position has forced him for years not to talk and not to tell what he saw that night, until recently when he decided to free himself from the burden. The fate of Nair has crossed that of the Princess in its last hours of life and a very heavy and difficult responsibility to manage.

Nair had never seen a picture of the Princess, but the Police Prefect confirmed the identity of the woman still stuck in the car remains. From that moment all the telephone calls start: “At the time they declared death at 4am, the ambassador began to cry like a child

It was time to call first British minister Tony Blair – who already knew everything – and then the Queen. Bill Clinton – President of the United States – was the third to be contacted. At 4.30 Dodi Al Fayed’s father arrived: “A tall, pale man… destroyed. He asked to see both.”

Nair also saw Diana for the first time: “She had an angelic face, I touched it. The angel of death… She was beautiful.

Nair says he kept the press release of that terrible night and waited until Prince Charles arrived , passing the jurisdiction to British internal affairs: “At that moment the story changed.