On August 31, 1997, at the age of 36, Lady Diana, the unforgettable sad-eyed Princess of the Windsor family, died in a terrible accident. Today, 22 years later, new disturbing indiscretions appear and an eyewitness who could have the case reopened: “The police have covered up the evidence”.

A new headlights testimony could reopen the case on incident under the Alma bridge in Paris that caused the death of Diana Spencer…

In that tragic car accident of 31 August 1997, along with Lady Diana, her then-partner Dodi Al-Fayed also lost his life. The only survivor in that terrible accident is the bodyguard, Trevor Rees-Jones. But now, according to the British press, there may be a new eyewitness to the crash, Le Van Thanh, who was allegedly aboard the Uno, the car that chased the Mercedes the Princess was on.

The confession of Le Van Thanh is contained in the book “Diana: Case Solved” which will be released soon and in which he tells: “I was driving the Uno and suddenly Lady Diana’s car hit me. The police reconstructed the dynamics of the crash but did not leak anything to protect their French countryman who would have actually caused the death of Diana“. The information contained in this book would completely distort the information we have had so far and could even reopen the case.