Yes that’s right, with Curve you can now leave all your bank cards safe at home. A company from London has come up with a product that can change the way we bank!

No, it’s not another mobile based bank account like Revolut but just a bank card. A company called Curve1 has launched a bank card that is controlled by a mobile phone app. It allows you to basically connect all your Visa and Mastercard Debit and Credit cards into the app. Once this is done and your cards are verified, you can easily switch cards from within the app. Simply set a card as “Active” and any payments done via the Curve card will be debited on that one chosen card. One cool thing is that you can make any non contact less card into a contact less one!

Curve Card
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The Curve card app is very easy to use and offers many features; a simple swipe left and right to set the card you wish to set as the active one. Easily view a list of transactions made to a particular card with instant notification. Get a full timeline of all transactions on all cards and intuitive insight. You can also instantly block your card should it be lost or stolen or view your pin if you forget it.

Best of all, the app also allows you to switch transactions from one card to another up to 14 days after the transaction is made. So if you had the wrong card marked as active when you paid for your shopping, you can move that transaction to another card from within the app itself with just a tap of a button.


As with everything else, the card has its limitations of daily, monthly and yearly transactions. The good thing is that the limits increase over time the more you use it. You can also opt for the premium version of the card offering higher initial limits and more features.


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Check out our image gallery for images and screenshots of the card and app.