lot of people keep something to eat and drink in the car. Especially people who travel a lot every day. They often have a bottle of water in the car. But did you know that this habit can become a serious danger to your life? 

An Idaho American firefighter put it into practice and decided to make a video of it. He was surprised by what happened and his fellow Oklahoma firefighters agreed that they should warn people of the danger of fire.

The man in question, Dioni Amuchastegui from Idaho, had left a bottle of water in the car to go for a lunch break. When he returned to his car, he noticed that smoke came from the centre console of his car. What happened? 

Due to the sun’s rays entering the car, the material under the bottle had caught fire. The following test shows us how quickly a water bottle can cause a fire inside the car. Dioni got away with two burns inside her vehicle!

We all know the trick of keeping a magnifying glass in the sun to light the fire. The water in a plastic bottle has exactly the same result. Water refracts sunlight, which can cause the material to catch fire under the bottle. And if that material is some kind of fabric (as often happens in cars), the risk of fire is quite high. 

Firefighters warn drivers of this dangerous possibility. In a test carried out by the fire brigade of the Midwest City Fire Department of Oklahoma, sunlight, magnified by a bottle of water, reached a temperature of 120°C. The fire develops quite slowly, but it is still important to take appropriate precautions. Therefore, never leave a bottle of water on car seats and / or in sunlight.