This is the second recipe with leftover chicken. This once is a children’s favourite and am sure all of you will love it as well! 


So, leftover chicken can become the basis of a dough for tasty meatballs, more or less substantial depending on the other ingredients you want to add. Here’s how to do it…

  • First, chop the chicken into very small pieces and place it in a bowl.
  • Add an egg and enrich with salt and nutmeg (you can also use a spoonful of mustard if you prefer more intense flavours).
  • Now mix everything with the help of a fork; this is the base of your filling to be enriched as you like, for example with boiled spinach or a potato, the cubes of salami or a sprinkling of grated cheese.
  • With the obtained mixture, form some balls, pass them in breadcrumbs and then cook them evenly in a pan with seed oil.
  • Remove excess grease by draining them on a sheet of absorbent paper and bring them to the table warm.
Chicken leftover recipe 2
Image: Non sprecare

Tasty isn’t it? More chicken leftover recipes to follow soon!