Lego, most of us have loved them and some of us still do. Lego are great, but we all know that they have one fatal flaw… stepping on them is one of the worst tortures known to mankind!! 

Finally, Lego is releasing Anti-Lego slippers!!!! That’s right. No more pain as you walk and step on a stray piece of Lego and feel as though you are dying from the shooting pain. It’s a terribly tear-inducing nightmare, and now they have come up with a solution.

Right now they are still in testing phase, and we just can’t wait for them to be released for sale! If they are successful, Lego is hoping to mass produce these slippers so that there are no more complaints about unbearable pain due to a misplaced piece in the middle of the night. Now, the unbeatable question is going to be: once they are released to the general public, will these slippers be included in multiple pairs with every production kit, or will you have to buy them separately? That could be the question that determines just how popular they are amongst kids and parents.