It is certainly not the first digital frame but it differs from the others also and not only in size, because looking at the photographs on a 21.5-inch screen with full HD resolution will allow you to enjoy them to the fullest. And to reactivate the vision of photographs together with relatives and friends, an act now almost disappeared with the advent of smartphones, with which we take thousands of images that in the vast majority of cases remain confined in the device archive.

For this reason, Lenovo’s Smart Frame can prove useful, as well as for the pure pleasure of sliding the most significant moments of one’s life on the device, also to see them in company and return to the memory of the moment lived with those closest to us.

Shown at the last Ces in Las Vegas, the painting has a screen with an anti-reflective layer and a sensor to adjust the brightness based on the ambient light. It can be controlled with the gestures of the hands, with which to play a video or pause the sequence of images, which the device automatically organises as an album.

Also compatible with Google Photos , there is also the dedicated app, to which it connects via bluetooth, which allows you to view some of the most famous works of art. Launched shortly on Indiegogo, the Smart Frame will be offered for the first few days at half the price announced in recent months, which was equal to $ 399.