Two years after the US launch of the first smart jacket (the Commander Trucker Jacket ), Levi’s and Google renew their collaboration with the launch of Levi’s Trucker Jacket with Jacquard by Google.

“The aim is always the same,” says Paul Dillinger, vice president in charge of innovation at Levi Strauss: “We want to give our customers a garment that can stand up to time and allow them to keep the phone in their pockets and always be connected; keeping your eyes on the world, even if you are pedaling ”.

Premise shared by Jacquard Threads, the Google ATAP project (Advanced Technology and Projects) created to add a new level of connectivity and interactivity to objects that already exist and are well known.

What is the smart jacket?

Levi’s Trucker Jacket with Jacquard By Google is the most iconic of Levi’s jackets in the  classic  Trucker version and padded Sherpa for men and women. They will be proposed at 175 and 200 euros respectively. In both, the left cuff denim is woven with Jacquard threads made of conductive metal alloys. These make the fabric as touch-sensitive as a smartphone screen. 

In turn, the fabric is connected to a jack on which the ” Jacquard tag” is inserted. It is a smaller device than a drawing rubber that connects via Bluetooth app Jacquard and converts the interactions of the person with the sensitive cuff into commands that the app can perform. And when the jacket is dirty, it is thrown into the washing machine. However, remember to remove the tag because it is resistant to splashing, but not to washing.

How does it work?

After pairing the tag with the smartphone, the jacket is connected. At this point, from the app Jacquard of the smartphone it is possible to assign to each gesture one or more commands. We are certain that the first will be linked to music. Telephone in the headphones pocket on the head, touching the cuff in different ways, you can start a song, stop it, go to the next, listen to it again and skip it. Also share it with others. And if you don’t wear headphones, the tag lights up and vibrates to alert you of incoming calls and messages. Also through the app you can connect to the smart home speakers and command them with a gesture.

The connected jacket is also useful in mobility . Through specific controls, touching the cuff the bonnets will tell us where we parked; you can start the browser or let the time be told. And if you forget your smartphone, the tag will alert you with a vibration before losing the connection. In case of loss, however, just a touch of the cuff will be enough to make it ring, even if the ringer is deactivated. Last but not least the social aspect. Levi’s smart 2.0 jacket with Jacquard by Google  takes selfies and group poses. Just place the smartphone where you prefer and, by touching the cuff, take the picture remotely. 

Attention: there will be no left-handed version. After countless tests, because of the simplicity of the gestures, Levi’s and Google found that no ambidextrous skills are required to use their jacket.

A different approach to fashion

Compared to 2017, the introduction of Google Assistant, allowed the app to assign a gesture to a specific activity or application in order to receive help when needed. For example, with a gesture you can automate listening to news . Or turn on and turn off the garage lights after taking the bike. In practice, thanks to the technology developed by Google, instead of ageing in the closet season after season, the jacket acquires new features , new uses. A completely new approach in the fashion world.

The launch in Italy on October 3rd

As a technology incubator, Google ATAP deals with short-term projects that can transform an idea into a finished product to be put on the market over a two-year period. Thus, after the launch in 2017 together with Levi’s of the first connected jacket in the American market, from October 3rd, Levi’s Trucker Jacket with Jacquard by Google will be distributed on the site and in selected stores in Europe and Italy . It starts with the new Levi’s Store in Rome.