There is a third victim, in Spain, due to the listeriosis outbreak that broke out two weeks ago. It is a 74-year-old woman. This is what the Spanish press reports, recalling how two abortions caused by the bacterium must be added to the budget.

Listeria usually causes an infection with mild symptoms, but can be dangerous for babies, the elderly, people with weak immune systems or pregnant women. The new victim had previous illnesses and, as the Spanish newspaper El Mundo explains, is added to a 90-year-old woman and a 72-year-old man, terminally ill with pancreatic cancer.

The current epidemic began on August 15 in the region of Andalusia and has affected almost 200 people to date. A typical meat-based product, mechada, is blamed and distributed under the “La Mechá” brand and is now withdrawn from the market.

Spain has issued international health warnings but the outbreak does not seem to affect other countries. In recent days, however, the first case of contagion outside Spain has been reported: it is an English tourist who contracted the bacterium while on vacation in Spain. (ANSA).