They drowned in the pool at home, but the family members cannot explain how it happenedHunter George Smith and Hayden Lewis Smith were playing in the pool located in the courtyard of their home on Whiteman Avenue in Uniontown, when they drowned. 

The little ones, who were 1 and 3 years old, were together with the rest of the family who can’t understand how this could have happened. 

When the grandparents understood what had happened they called for help. The paramedics tried to revive them, but for the children there was nothing to do. The children were given to the grandparents who had left their grandchildren for a few hours together with their teenage uncles, perhaps a moment of distraction was fatal and, even though the pool was very small, the two drowned.

The young 16-year-old aunt explained that she was trying to put them to bed for a nap when the two started running. The girl tried to hold them back but in the escape she lost sight of them for a few minutes, at which point her grandmother noticed the bodies in the water and sounded the alarm. As reported in the local print, investigations are now underway to precisely clarify the dynamics of the facts.