Little Red Riding Hood is in danger! The wolf is nothing compared to censorship. The famous children’s fairy tale, in fact, has been banned from the children’s library and schools and risks being forgotten. And all because, like “Sleeping Beauty”, it would propose sexist models.


The decision was taken by a public nursery school, the ‘Táber’ of Barcelona, which withdrew 200 titles because they contained gender stereotypes. Children therefore do not have to learn precise roles and get used to this vision of the world and life.

According to the Asociación Espacio y Ocioand the gender commission of the school in question – composed of educators and parents – 60% of the titles destined for early childhood contained gender bias. Only 10% of books held by school libraries were acquitted. In order not to leave the shelves empty, we proceeded to eliminate only the texts considered most harmful. These include “Little Red Riding Hood” and “Sleeping Beauty”.

The expectation of the prince charming, the hero and the saviour or the ingenuity of falling into someone’s clutches do not reflect today’s reality. Women save themselves and actively contribute to the construction of society. Therefore, new fairy tales for children are sought.