We have been hearing a lot about this lately – the price of property has been going up up up in an exorbitant way! But have we seen anything like this on the market?

Three Carlton Gardens sold for £95m, a £30m discount from the original offer. The house is the most expensive sold in the UK for eight years. Courtesy Spink

In London, a record purchase of 95 million pounds for…the city’s most expensive home! Yes you read well… a US tycoon has added a London house to his collection of most expensive properties around the world. It is being said that this is the UK’s most expensive property sold in eight years.

Mr Ken Griffin has purchased three Carlton Gardens, a property overlooking St James’ Park in London, for the sum of £95m, reduced from the original offer price of £125m. The 20,000 square-foot house includes a gym, pool and underground extension. The property located close to Buckingham Palace, possesses a rich history. It housed the private office of Charles de Gaulle during World War II.

Mr Griffin owns a host of multi-million-pound properties in the US. Courtesy Spink

So, do we still think our property values are high? Well, yes they still are… but compared to this one…