After pregnancy, the body gradually regains its balance: to get back into shape, it is sufficient to follow a healthy diet and make a little movement. No diet if you are breast-feeding your baby: the baby needs lots of important nutrients to grow well and you need lots of energy.

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During pregnancy, the woman’s body inevitably changes to make room for the baby to be born. Usually doctors recommend to settle on a weight increase that does not exceed 12 kg. However even when this happens, each woman looking at the mirror, can not help but notice new forms, fat accumulations, water retention, changes that seem not want to go away. In reality, the body needs its time to resume after the “revolution” suffered during the 9 months of gestation and the subsequent birth. Getting back in shape is not as difficult as you think, just take some precautions and do not get discouraged.

Here are many useful tips, from diet to physical activity, to lose weight after giving birth :

  • A breastfeeding woman must eat healthy and not abandon herself to a strict diet because she needs energy and a whole series of nutrients that, through milk, will pass to the newborn (calcium, iron etc.). The Mediterranean diet is the most suitable in this delicate and important phase of a woman’s life, because it consists of fruit, vegetables, fish and white meat. Fats are not indicated, as are sweets but also coffee and salt that tend to dehydrate the body. The spirits and sugary drinks are also banished because they are very caloric. The wine every now and then is fine, but it’s better if you avoid it. Relying on a nutritionist in such cases is always the best choice.

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  • Try to walk as much as possible, especially during the first 40 days after childbirth, without excessive stress. If you have the time, walk with your child so moving will be more pleasant. If you love water, you can go for a swim in the pool that will help you fight water retention. After a couple of months of giving birth, you can engage in activities with a gentle rhythm but always wait for at least four months before doing cardio activity. Only when you feel ready, even psychologically, can you train more intensively, without overdoing it. Abdominals are absolutely not recommended in the first months after birth. An excellent exercise that makes you regain confidence with your body is the training of the pelvic floor, which during the birth undergoes a considerable stress and must therefore rediscover its natural elasticity.

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  • If you love massages, you can get a lymphatic drainage, to try to reduce stretch marks and drain fat pads. You will also improve circulation.

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  • Drink at least two litres of water a day, so as to moisturise the body and help it drain. In addition to water, also drink digestive and soothing infusions, such as chamomile, excellent in the evening. For what is not water, follow the advice from your doctor, especially if you are breast-feeding.

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  • Do not weigh yourself constantly, because it is useless. Weight loss should be gentle and gradual, not sudden. If you really can not do without getting on the scales, do it once a week, to evaluate any progress.

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  • Immediately after giving birth, wear some form of shape-wear that will relieve back pain and support the pelvic floor without any constrictions, especially if you have suffered sutures. Wear it the first 10 days after giving birth and you will have a great benefit.

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  • To give elasticity to the skin after delivery, use creams with collagen or rose mosqueta or a good almond oil.

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