There are undoubtedly many bizarre methods for losing weight, but the latest fashion that is spreading in the Hong Kong area does not go unnoticed. Apparently, in fact, the belief has spread that staring directly at the Sun would make you lose weight.

The idea seems to be related in some way to the Breatharian philosophy, and hypothesises that solar energy can replace the calories of normal food, so staring at the sun would make it possible to eat without gaining weight.

staring at the sunWomen who undergo this diet are seen on the beaches around Hong Kong, at dawn or dusk. Women wear sunglasses (and sometimes cover their faces with handkerchiefs), and set the timer on the phone for their “half-hour” meal of sunlight. It must be said that some seem rather uncomfortable while staring at the sun.

The supporters of this practice swear by its effectiveness, and guarantee that it is good not only for the physical but also for the spirit. Obviously the doctors are totally opposite opinion, emphasising that if it is true that a correct exposure to the sun is good, this certainly cannot replace the food, and besides staring at the sun directly can cause damage to the eyes.