Anyone who has owned a four-legged friend, knows how simple it is to become attached to it, thanks to their unconditional and pure love and the joy they can give every day. Precisely, this relationship between owner and animal makes it really difficult to overcome the loss at the moment when tour pets leave us, for old age or illness. The death, therefore, of one’s best friend, is a long and painful moment, equal to that of a human being.

Science has shown that living a dog’s mourning is not a strange moment and indeed, according to the research of the Journal of the Human Behaviour and Evolution Study, it could be more difficult to elaborate than the loss of one’s own acquaintance. This depends on various factors that develop during the experience of sharing the home and life with the pet.

Grayscale Photography of Crying Woman

  • Emotional bond

The bond created with your dog, is perfectly comparable to that of humans. Therefore, the good that binds the owner to his puppy, becomes the same as that which one feels towards one’s own family.

  • Limiting social conventions

The difference between the death of a dog and that of a human is in the process of mourning. In fact, it becomes almost ridiculous to accept the need to create a psychological path with an expert in order to overcome the loss. On the contrary, if to leave you were a person, the search for support from a psychotherapist would be considered a normal step.

  • The company and unconditional love
  • The changing of habits

Owning a dog is first of all a commitment. In fact they create certain routines that one finds difficult to get out of. You come back home from work expecting to find it behind the front door waiting. Often, this sudden change causes a truly unbridgeable gap.

  • Suffering the difficult choices


p style=”text-align: justify;”>In some cases, it may be necessary to choose between the life or death of your pet, especially when it’s suffering from serious illness. In these cases, despite being a wise choice, it is the sense of guilt to prevaricate, experiencing moments of torment and pain.