Women over 50 to the rescue!! A trend that has been progressing for years and sees them at the top of the wish list of men and in particular of the younger ones.

Nothing to do with the classic jokes about the biggest and most experienced woman, more experienced and a little missed mother. Just a bad neighborhood bar irony that has also become out of fashion, and that has never been the reality.

mature young couples

Starting a relationship with an older woman often stems from the desire to create something solid that can proceed constructively but also more calmly. And if the same age man overturns the family balance or the single life in favour of a much younger girlfriend, perhaps due to insecurity or the classic mid-life crisis, there are many eligible candidates who divert their interest towards a female figure who is mature and more aware. The advantages are many, not only emotional and sentimental, but also practical and economic.

– Independence and home:

An older woman is economically independent because she has been working for a long time, so she is able to provide for herself and her needs. A resolved and balanced figure that does not seek support from a man and often does not even want to marry immediately. It is probable that she has been living alone for some time, with her own daily balance made up of consolidated routines, without the urgency of having children or perhaps already a long-standing mother. The solidity of the hearth represents it and, for this reason, man lives with her a serene, balanced and stress-free relationship.


Time passes for everyone and beauty from youth could slowly fade, but other important factors can take over such as the ability to enhance strengths. A peculiarity that makes the woman over 50 more attractive and able to artfully manage seduction, with greater awareness of her own physicality which makes the meetings more spontaneous and sincere. The pursuit of pleasure is a path that is faced together, without inhibitions or fears but with great spontaneity, an important element to increase understanding and complicity outside and inside the bed.

– Charm and intelligence:

Beauty is no longer a characteristic linked only to the physical aspect, but a set of elements that show the real image of the woman one wants to conquer. Safety, greater self-esteem and awareness of one’s body in sync with culture, interests and intelligence. The experience guarantees greater knowledge, so the meetings will always be full of conversation cues for a more substantial interaction.

– Safety and balance:

Having faced many problematic steps and obstacles in life allows greater personal growth, a better knowledge of oneself and one’s goals. This path offers a better security and balance with regards to one’s desires, therefore an adequate reading key to better digest the judgments reworking them in a constructive way.

Spaces and respect:

An adult woman is certainly more respectful of other people’s spaces, because it is what she asks for herself and for her life. Favourable to sharing but contrary to control, to jealousy without fearing distance and personal interests. With a greater understanding of other people’s character predispositions, of which she quickly senses strengths and weaknesses.

– Equality:

A relationship that is equal and never boring, which prevents the couple from falling into the routine of feelings, where the woman is also able to keep the man on the ropes. Surely it will be possible to realize a more balanced, equal and sincere relationship.


The passage of time and experience, as anticipated, make the woman more aware thanks to the events experienced in first person. This is why she is able to deal with existential problems with greater patience and concentration, through which he extricates himself with courage and awareness.