Become a mother for the second time after having undergone eleven surgical procedures. A story that began in 2005, that of Lucia Adinolfi, who went through a first pregnancy, three abortions and a long ordeal to get pregnant again.

The woman, 37, of San Marzano sul Sarno (Salerno), and her husband Antonio Robustelli, have just become parents of another child, despite a series of complications that risked shattering their dream.

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It all started in 2004. “I went to the IDI in Rome for a dermatological consultation. I found I had hormonal problems.  Between 2006 and 2007, two fibroids, were removed with the removal of the ovary and tube. In 2008, however, two Muller cysts were discovered that grew behind the intestinal walls, compressing the organs. In a subsequent operation the bladder was taken away”. Then came the first pregnancy in 2010, simultaneously with the discovery of a uterine fibroid. But the difficulties had just begun…

“In the following two years another myoma, and therefore a cyst so large as to fill the entire abdomen. Finally, in 2017, they found a three-and-a-half uterine mass that had attached itself to the uterus and the other ovary.”

Three abortions, eleven operations and an odyssey between various hospitals. In the meantime there had been a meeting with the gynecologist Mario Polichetti, which would have marked the turning point. The doctor followed Lucia throughout her journey, until the unexpected result. “Not only did he remove my cyst, but he also proceeded to reconstruct the uterus, allowing me to get pregnant again,” she explains.

The caesarean section was performed by the surgical team composed by Polichetti and by Dr. Raffaele Petta, director of the “Pregnancy at risk” department of Salerno, as it was expected to be particularly delicate and complex. The little girl saw the light on April 3rd, to the delight of her parents: a perfectly healthy child, three kilos and eight, given birth without any complication.

A happy ending for which the mother, in seventh heaven, never stops thanking the gynecologist of the Ruggi hospital: “I owe everything to Dr. Polichetti. Where everyone had told me that I could no longer have children, he was able to help me, until my beautiful baby was born. I will never cease to thank the doctor for his tenacity”.