Many believe that dogs, as “man’s best friends”, deserve the best: but it cannot be denied that the latest invention of an English company seems an exaggeration: luxury kennels, which arrive to cost even over 200,000 Euro.

The kennels have wooden parquet flooring, marble columns and balconies, indoor and outdoor lighting, automatic food and water distribution systems, TV and sound system. We don’t know if dogs really appreciate these finishes and accessories. 

Alice Williams, creative director of Hecate Verona, the company that produces these kennels, explains that everything was born from some questions that the founders started to ask themselves, such as “Why shouldn’t a dog’s house be as elegant as its owner’s? Why shouldn’t an architect design it? Why shouldn’t it have windows, doors and resemble in proportion the size of the ‘house’? “Probably some of you will cynically answer “because it’s a dog’s bed”, but for the founders of Hecate Verona the question is that, if the dog is a member of a (wealthy) family then he is entitled to the same luxuries.

One of the luxury pet beds – screenshots of the website

In the development of luxury kennels, Hecate involved veterinarians and conducted experiments with different breeds of dogs to verify that the spaces realised were really meeting the needs of the animals. The realisation instead is entrusted to expert craftsmen in luxury yachts, used to create high quality products that must adapt to small spaces.

It must be said that the idea has not only attracted enthusiasm: apart from the price (not significant given that the product is clearly aimed at those who can afford it), it is the basic idea that has raised some criticism on the part of those who he maintains that this is yet another example of “humanisation” of animals, which is not a true form of love for them.