There is open war between Madonna and Guy Ritchie. The director allegedly sued his ex-wife who would prevent him from building a relationship with their son David Banda , a 14-year-old from Malawi who the two adopted in 2005. Despite not being a natural son, the pop star has never hidden that he has a weak for him and to consider him in all respects his “heir”.

On December 23, Ritchie filed a motion against the singer who, by preventing him from seeing his adopted son, actually also hinders the relationship between the latter and his brother Rocco, to whom he is very close, who lives with his father. According to what reported by “Il Giornale”, the hearing in which Ciccone and the British director will return to battle for the custody of David is set for January 1, 2020.

Already at the time of the separation of the couple, David and Rocco (the son of the singer with the British director) were at the centre of the dispute: if the second did not want to be with his mother, the first willingly accepted to be with her.

Madonna, who has a very bad relationship also with her first-born Lourdes Maria, instead dotes on her adopted son, in whom she recognises her ambition and determination. For Christmas he posted on Instagram a video of the boy who, sitting on the piano, sings “Your Song” by Elton John. “The best Christmas card a mother can receive,” he writes, to reiterate once again how much they are tied.