Madonna has decided to interrupt her “Madame X Tour” for health reasons. “Please forgive this unexpected turnaround. Doing my show every night gives me so much joy and canceling it is a kind of punishment for me, but the pain I’m feeling right now is overwhelming me,” reads his Instagram profile. The three Boston concerts scheduled for November 30th and December 2nd will be missed.

“I have to rest and follow the directives of the doctors in order to be able to return stronger and continue Madame X’s journey with all of you”, continues the post, which however does not explain the reason that knocked out the pop star. Madonna should return to the stage on December 7th in Philadelphia.

This is the last hitch of a particularly unfortunate tour for the Material Girl. At the beginning of October, in fact, she was injured in New York and other production issues had forced the organizers to move or cancel some dates already set. Even the relationship with the public is not the best right now. A group of fans has indeed filed a collective legal action because of the constant delays with which Madame X’s concerts begin.

To add fuel to the fire also a legal dispute concerning the single “God Control”. The musician Casey Spooner has in fact accused the pop star of not having paid him the royalties and has gone to the legal ways, publishing on the social networks a series of tests to support his thesis.