A teenager launched a survey on Instagram to ask her followers if she should live or die: 69% chose death and the 16-year-old committed suicide.

It happened in Malaysia, where the Kuching girl, the police explained, “immediately” killed herself after conducting the social media survey. “Very important, help me choose between D / L “, she wrote, using the initials of the words “death” and “life” in English.

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Numerous reactions and controversies, with the launch of an investigation “to avoid other abuses on social media in similar future circumstances”. The lawyer of the young woman’s family explained that users who voted in favuor of death could be accused of instigating suicide.

The case recalled that of Molly Russell, a British teenager who committed suicide in 2017 at 14 years after seeing content on self-harm and suicide on Instagram. Her death had caused a wide debate on the use of social networks by children and on content control.

In February, Instagram, which already banned all publications that encourage or promote suicide or self-mutilation, started prohibiting photographs showing self-inflicted wounds