Dogs and owners: the same environment, the same destiny. A new study by Nottingham University has shown that certain environmental pollutants present in our homes can compromise male fertility.

Exposure would cause a significant drop in mobility and more damage to the sperm DNA – recognised factors among the main causes of human male infertility. What do dogs have to do with? The alarm started from them.

sperm and eggThere is less talk of home pollution, but it does not mean that it is not a problem. For us as for the four legged creatures. Indeed, a few years ago, experts at Nottingham University had experienced a sharp decrease in sperm quality in domestic dogs. On the basis of preliminary in vivo data that had found some contaminants in the reproductive tract and in the sperm of the animals, the researchers hypothesised that among the factors there was precisely exposure to industrial substances. And since humans and dogs share the same environment, they could also share the same fate. Is it perhaps a coincidence that even human male fertility in the last 80 years has  decreased by 50%?