Natural, shortened or totally shaved: the male pubis is an increasingly frequent object of interventions motivated by very different motivations.

That women take care of their peels has long been known. That the boys do too is a more exquisitely contemporary trait. But walking around in a gym, it is impossible not to notice that the man of the year 2000 has lost his link to the hair.

And this does not disappear under the decided advance of razors and razors only on the chest and on the legs, but also where the sun does not beat. Already, even the male pubic area is the increasingly frequent object of more or less radical scissors. So much so that even a brand like Gillette has posted on its site a tutorial  for men on how to shave the pubis.

There are those who prefer the shave to skin. Others opt instead for a moderate adjustment that keeps away both from the Ken doll effect, and from the Amazon forest.

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And what do women think? To get an idea, we asked a few ladies we know. The outcome? Only 10% of the respondents said they were favorable to the natural look, without adjustments. All the others express preferences for a tame head.

The most recurrent motivation regards the greater agility of some preliminary sexual practices (we understood). But there are also those who have fun helping the companion to shave, improvising momentarily as a beautician. And finally a sort of balance of efforts: the ladies pend at least twenty minutes to take care of their own little girl so why shouldn’t men? 

Of course not all tastes are the same… age plays a crucial role. Some women (tend to be younger) not only willingly accept the hairless male pubis, but rather prefer it. In these cases, the man is perceived as cleaner, more charming and more confident. On the other hand, women with more experience are sometimes horrified at the thought of a hairless man. In fact, some women associate the presence of hair with higher testosterone levels and greater virility. Hence some of them perceive the hairless pubis as an expression of an unsustainable flattening of man-woman differences.

brazilian_waxing_salon_for_men_lewisville_tx-1During some studies men were asked what were the reasons that led them to shave. For some it was a question of hygiene or aesthetics. For others, reasons more related to sex: is now the metaphor of the tower with the base of the bushes; once the bushes have been removed, the tower seems taller. Then other men remove pubic hair “to be more available to oral sex, to improve sensitivity during sexual contact. This practice is often associated with a better self-perception and greater self-confidence during relationships .

And for those who simplistically thought that this practice is to be traced back to homosexual men. “Already a study conducted in the US ten years ago showed that there were no significant differences between gays and hetero, compared to both its diffusion and the reasons that underpinned this habit”.

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