What a performance guys! Michela outshined herself and gave it her all. Let’s be honest, what we saw tonight is nothing like what Malta has ever presented to Europe (and Australia) before. We felt goosebumps whilst watching Michela on stage, all smiles and confident! She looked like a true diva and showgirl… so far from the shy quiet girl who auditioned at XFactor Malta and who barely moved through most of her performances….

Such a colourful show – full of life, modern and catchy! We are sure the majority of Europeans were up on their feet dancing to ‘Chameleon’… no wonder Malta FINALLY managed to make it through to the finals for this Eurovision Song Contest!

No doubt, that was the best show we’ve ever seen in a while! We are sure it feels great to play a killer show like that Michela… Let us all praise you today, not only because you made it through to the finals of this contest but because you deserve it. You have always remained humble – you never went around screaming that you’re destined for stardom; and yet you are! You always take compliments with a smile and use it as more fuel to push yourself to those big lights and dreams; and this makes you invincible! You’re an inspiration to many out there…

You dared to dream and you’re working hard to see your dreams (and Malta’s and Gozo’s) come true! Go girl! Looking forward to see you shine once more this Saturday!

Watch Michela’s performance once again.

Maltese fans cheer as Malta is announced for the final on Saturday.