We all know motherhood is difficult, no matter how much work one does it never seems to get to an end. The day is full of chores and baby minding. You hardly have time for yourself, if any at all. And most of the time, help is very limited to none…

This mother reached a point of no return when she killed her two children and justified herself by saying she “went crazy”. Sarah Henderson, a 31-year-old mother from Texas, United States, killed her 5 and 7-year-old girls with a gunshot to the head while at home with the whole family. 

Sarah will be sentenced to life imprisonment, a penalty obtained thanks to the plea agreement, without which she would have been sentenced to death. It seems that for some time he had developed a paranoid behaviour, to the point of pushing her husband, the night before the crime, to call for help because she had threatened suicide. Shortly afterwards the man called to say that everything was okay, but the agents wanted to verify in person.

The police found that there were no anomalies, but the next day the man made a second call saying that the daughters were dead. Dad explained that his wife had taken advantage of the fact that he slept to kill their girls. The woman confessed everything, explaining that it was a week that she had planned the crime and that her purpose was to exterminate the whole family. 

Investigations showed that the woman was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs and that there was no reason why a mental illness could be declared. Sarah, to the investigators, simply replied: “I have gone mad, I could no longer stand my everyday life”.