A Chinese man swallowed a metal spoon for a stupid bet a year ago. The cutlery remained stuck in his esophagus, but seeing that he could eat and drink normally, the man never sought medical assistance to try to remove it, until a few weeks ago when he started to experience chest pain after being hit in the chest.

The man, who lives in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region of China, told the doctors he had swallowed a stainless steel spoon when drunk during a bet. He had bet he could swallow the spoon and then pull it back again by binding a rope to the scoop. Things did not go according to plan and the cutlery got stuck in the man’s esophagus. Instead of going to the hospital immediately, the man waited to see if the spoon prevented him from eating and drinking normally. Since he did not feel any particular annoyance, he lived with the cutlery in his esophagus for over a year.


Probably the spoon would still be there if he had not received a punch in the chest, which started causing him excruciating pain and difficulty in breathing. In the end he decided to go to Xinjiang Meikuang General Hospital looking for help.

“I was shocked. I never saw anything like that,” wrote Dr. Yu Xiwu in a statement released by the hospital. “When we admitted the patient, his esophagus was already infected”

After discussing the best course of action, the doctors of Xinjiang Meikuang General Hospital decided that the best way out for the spoon was the one it had entered through – the mouth. The patient underwent general anesthesia and a team took two hours to try and remove the spoon using endoscopy equipment.

The hospital has declared that the man is recovering well and that he will soon be discharged.