In Berlin, International Women’s Day will become a public holiday! Envy them much?! I am sure most of you agree that this should be worldwide, right?

The House of Representatives of the city of Berlin has decided this thanks to the favourable votes of the ruling coalition, composed of the Left, the Social Democrats and the Greens.

8 march

As Spiegel wrote, all German federal states are introducing new vacation days throughout the year. Until now, Berlin was the state with the lowest number of public holidays, only 9. In most of the other German Länder, the annual holidays are ten, while in Bavaria there are thirteen. In Berlin, the CDU and Alternative für Deutschland, the far-right German party, had proposed other dates, such as October 31st, the Day of the Reformation, or November 9th, the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Berlin is the first city in Germany to declare a public holiday on 8th March. At the moment there are few countries in the world that consider International Women’s Day a public holiday. In China, the government grants women half a day of rest, while in most European countries the custom wants women to be given flowers, but without the possibility of being absent from work.