Jihad threatens revenge for the massacre of Christchurch mosques. In a post dated March 15th shared on Telegram groups affiliated to Al Qaeda talking about the massacre in New Zealand as a “war of the Crusaders” against Muslims; and promise to respond with the “language of blood”.

On the Iseg Al-Asyaf Al Baghdadi channel Telegram, the appeal is “to shed the blood of the Crusaders”, while other sites cited by the Site incite to attack “the churches”.

New Zealand ISIS threat
Image: Twitter

The Islamic State has promised to avenge the massacre of the mosques. According to the Site, the jihadists are exhorting the militants to new attacks in churches in response to the massacre of Muslim faithful in the mosques of Al Noor and the Linwood Islamic Center. And the alert in New Zealand does not cease: the police closed Dunedin airport after reporting a suspicious device.