In Sutri, a municipality in the Viterbo area, anyone who wears a mask without necessity will be fined: an ordinance by Vittorio Sgarbi, who is the mayor of the town of Tuscia, provides for this. “Only thieves and terrorists mask their faces,” he said in a statement.

 In any case, the aforementioned use is forbidden on the occasion of events that take place in a public place or open to the public, except for those of a sporting nature that such use involves … ‘. This regulation, also with reference to the masks, is strengthened with the Law Decree 155/2005 “.

“On the other hand – observes Sgarbi – the use of the mask in public places, except for employees, appears in evident contrast with the time dedicated to nutrition which involves taking food without a mask. It therefore appears contradictory that after eaten without a mask, get up from the table putting it on. These are ridiculous forms of ostentation that have nothing to do with health needs “.